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1 are very good for our business, but not for yours. For every root mass we remove, we know that there are many more growing elsewhere. The first you are likely to know about it is when your pipes become totally blocked. The roots shown in the image to the right grew into the shape of the manhole, and we were required to replace the brickwork due to the damage caused.

Cooking oils, fat, and grease are also common causes of major drain blockages. Liquids such as these should never be allowed to escape into any drain, with the most effective method of removal being to pour them into sealed containers and store them for collection by a licensed recycling company.

In order for grease traps to function properly, it is crucial that they are subject to being emptied regularly. Grease digesters are an alternative method, using enzyme treatment to break down the fat and oils. The digesters must be topped up regularly or include an automatic dosing system. This image depicts a neglected tank which subsequently blocked and flooded a café - very bad for business and not pleasant for our engineers who cleaned up the mess.

Waste pipes and traps from urinals need regular servicing to remove the build-up of salts or scale.
As you can see in this picture, the bore of the pipe was reduced by about 70% due to the build-up, which led to a flood and another odorous job for our guys to carry out so the client didn't have to.

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