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Inspection with sewer camera

Inspection with sewer camera

With this technology we can assess , the conditions of your main drains , and verify if it needs any work, whether, a manual or high pressure cleaning , and in the case or a major damage or defect, we are able to pinpoint the exact location of the issue and fix only where it is needed.
Inspection of the drains, is not only a repair or preventive measure, it is particularly important in the purchasing process of a property , as it can detect future problems, commonly , for reverse flow traps , city pipes passing on or in proximity your property and save you money in the negotiations.

What a camera inspection can reveal

  • Roots penetration
  • Cracks and holes in the pipes
  • Loose or misaligned connections
  • Debris accumulations      
  • Obstruction or blockages
  • Insufficient drain  incline
  • Calcium or rust
  • Etc.